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Super Chibi Knight Original Sound Track (OST) steam key free

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About Super Chibi Knight Original Sound Track (OST) free steam key

Super Chibi Knight is a sweeping classic action adventure game "By Dad and Daughter" with awesome gameplay, memorable characters, and adorable voice acting. The soundtrack has played a critical role in the game since day one!

Composer Brian Holmes poured his heart and soul into over 70 tracks with almost 2 HOURS of music!

It is our hope that this soundtrack might inspire listeners to create their own music and video games.

Once downloaded, MP3 files can be found in the Super Chibi Knight Steam directory as well as played from within the Steam Music Player!
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Super Chibi Knight OST Tracklist

All tracks loop once and then fade out.

1.) Opening Cinematic Music
2.) The Knight Takes Flight
3.) Menu
4.) What a Dream!
5.) Oukoku Overworld
6.) The Library
7.) Firefly Guy
8.) The Wise Old Man
9.) The Butcher
10.) The Barn
11.) Jorge
12.) A Worried Mother
13.) The Blacksmith
14.) Manna Well
15.) Muncher Altar
16.) Oukoku Battles
17.) Forest Battles
18.) Desert Battles
19.) Slime Battles
20.) Wasp Battle
21.) Sand Worm Battle
22.) The Pit
23.) Ultra Crab
24.) Yellow Ork Cave
25.) Yellow Ork Battle
26.) Alien Ship
27.) Blue Wombat
28.) Phoenix Temple
29.) The Guardians
30.) The Hermit
31.) Hidden Treasure
32.) The Dock
33.) Beast Master Gate
34.) World Transition
35.) Mountain Overworld
36.) Gallo Cave
37.) The Monk
38.) Mountain Battles
39.) The Beast Masters
40.) Fresh Water
41.) Carrot Farm
42.) Basketball
43.) Sick Girl
44.) Beast Arena Gate
45.) Beast Arena Battles
46.) The Mine Cart
47.) The Salt Guardian
48.) Hebi Pass
49.) Free Hebi
50.) Gate to Oukoku
51.) Mahou Island Overworld
52.) Fish Shop
53.) Sydney
54.) Marlin Man
55.) The Lighthouse
56.) Bridge Troll Battle
57.) Troll Bridge
58.) Ice Temple
59.) Ice Pengu
60.) Fire Temple
61.) Flame Flea
62.) Jungle Temple
63.) The Panda Witch
64.) The Pond
65.) A FLAW on the Island
66.) Oukoku No More
67.) Battle in Destroyed Oukoku
68.) The Dark Portal
69.) With the Help of Friends
70.) Chase Em Down!
71.) Toward the Heart of the Matter
72.) Ending Cinematic Music
73.) Chibi Credits
74.) The End?

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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • OS: Any
  • Storage: 120 MB available space
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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