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Finding Paradise Soundtrack cd key free

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About Finding Paradise Soundtrack steam key free

Original soundtrack of Finding Paradise.
Files will be located in the folder Finding Paradise Soundtrack.
Format: MP3 [FLAC coming soon]
1 Finding Paradise - Trailer Theme
2 Finding Paradise - Title Theme (Short Vers.)
3 A Different Kind of Work
4 Serenity
5 Neils Machine (Vibraphone Vers.)
6 Bestest Detectives (Outdoor)
7 Bestest Detectives (Indoor)
8 A Different Kind of Work (Celesta)
9 Neils Machine
10 Veil of Perception
11 Having Lived (Finding Paradise Vers.)
12 Where Are You
13 Paper Airplane
14 Time is a Place (Celesta Vers.)
15 Where Are You (Duet Vers.)
16 Home
17 Across the Balcony (Celesta Vers.)
18 Time is a Place (Guitar Vers.)
19 Across the Balcony
20 Such Inspire Much Motivate
21 The Right Amount of Dumb
22 Time is a Place (Piano Vers.)
23 Kinda Like an Indie French Film
24 The Scale Theme (Piano & Cello Vers.)
25 Winds from Our Younger Days
26 The Scale Theme (Guitar & Cello Vers.)
27 Paradise (Guitar Vers.)
28 The Scale Theme
29 Hospital Rush
30 A Moment to Sink In
31 Time is a Place
32 From the Balcony (Finding Paradise Vers.)
33 The Right Amount of Dumb Vers. 2
34 Think Quietly
35 Time is a Place (Rehearsal Vers.)
36 Floating By
37 Paradise (Tropical Vers.)
38 Days Go By
39 What Youre Up To
40 The Mirror Lied
41 Single-Thread Firewall
42 Something Amiss
44 Power Overwhelming
45 On the Run
46 Final Confrontation
47 Breeze
48 The Scale Theme (Cello & Guitar Vers. 2)
49 Fayes Theme
50 Time is a Place (Void Vers.) [Unused]
51 In the Way
52 The Fiction We Tell Ourselves
53 Bestest Detectives (Reprise)
54 Wish My Life Away
55 Fayes Theme (Piano Vers.)
56 Going Home
57 Ending Theme
58 Every Single Memory

To locate the OST:
1. Right click Finding Paradise from Steam library
2. Go to Property -> Local Files tab -> Browse Local Files
3. Find OST in the folder "Finding Paradise - Original Soundtrack"
* by Laura Shigihara
* by Chris Ryker (RIOTxRYKER) & Undertone
*All other tracks by Kan Gao
[*More updates to come in the future, including FLAC version.]

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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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